After seeing my son’s recovery after years of addiction, I knew I had to share the hope.  So many people have talked with me about their family and friends.  They just want to see happiness, and self worth in their loved one’s eyes again.   

Let Go and Let God” was the inspiration piece that started it all.  I knew that others needed to express their victories, and that my series combined with art work from those in recovery would be extremely powerful.  Not only for individuals in a program, but also for friends and family who have felt so helpless.

This exhibit is being hosted by the wonderful Cottonwood Heights Arts Council.  It will be held at the  City Building.  The exhibit will run May 1-31st.   The opening night will be held on May 5th 7:00-9:00 pm. 

(map and directions at end of post)

There is more to life than living in fear and numbness.  
Resurrection is possible.
Recovery from addiction is similar to dying and coming back a whole new person.  Let’s communicate this in the most authentic and hope filled way possible.
The purpose of this exhibit:
1. To encourage communication and connection.  (The opposite of addiction is connection.)
2. To empower individuals in their recovery program.
3. To educate about addiction recovery and programs that are available
How it comes together! 
1. Ten addiction recovery organizations will partner with the exhibit.  
2. Their advanced program participants and graduates will have the opportunity to participate. 
3. All recovery programs will gain heightened public awareness of their services and successful clients.  
* In addition the participants that exhibit and sell their art will receive a check for the full amount of their asking price.  They are encouraged to apply the funds toward their recovery program.
The Resurrection exhibit  benefits all involved.

Participants need to  . . . 

1) submit their artwork through the link below

(Artwork will need to be delivered to The City Building on May 1st.)

2) make sure their artwork fits the theme of the show
3) have family friendly images, as the venue is public
4) have artwork ready to hang or display
5) 2D or 3D
6) keep the art under 4′ (height, width, depth)  
7) images submitted in JPG, PNG, a website, or URL

               Submissions accepted:     Jan 15 – April 15 at midnight. 

Organizations that wish to participate need . . . 

1) a recovery program – or a vested interest

2) graduates or clients that are committed to working their program – or personal experience – a reason for them wanting to be a part of the show

3) to select/support participants that have an interest in communicating through art.  An art background is not  a requirement.  Other businesses are welcomed to participate as well. 

The Resurrection Exhibit is an opportunity to serve in whatever way feels best for you or your organization. 

Service examples include

– Posting about this exhibit on social media.

– Helping a recovering teen artist to prepare art for the exhibit.

– Advertising The Resurrection Exhibit.

– Become an exhibit sponsor, donating toward the exhibit for teens who would be amazed to realize that they are of incalculable value. 


The greatest advocates of recovery have been through their own refiner’s fire, and want to help others who are currently feeling lost, alone, or hopeless.  They don’t judge, they don’t shame.  But they don’t enable either.  These are the warriors and healers that are needed for our youth.   

I invite you to  click on the link and explore how to give back, or pay it forward.

                                                        Feel free to share the love!